Four Winds Behavioral Health is dedicated to improving the health and vitality of Native American and Alaskan Native communities by making substance abuse treatment accessible to the people that need it the most.  Four Winds Behavioral Health is dedicated to helping make these services possible as a premier provider in the Native American and Alaskan Native Communities that we serve. Four Winds has recognized the need to tailor our services to the individual and we are prepared to do that through spiritual and cultural counseling that is catered to each individual that we serve.  

The holistic aspect of our program serves to strengthen the mind, body, and spirit connection that is a vital foundation of Alaskan Natives and Native American cultures.  Four Winds understands the wide range of backgrounds and faith-based cultures and beliefs and we take that into account when designing treatment for each individual.  With our clinical and medical care along with our holistic approach, Four Winds is the leading treatment provider to Alaskan Natives and Native Americans. 


4100 Barbara Loop SE

Rio Rancho, NM 87124